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Applied Nursing Research

❶Inpatient fall prevention from the patient's perspective: An examination of the correlation between nurses' organizational trust and burnout levels October

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Explore the characteristics of a strong nursing community. Research practices that have been proven to produce and maintain a strong community, and discuss ways in which hospitals or other health facilities can integrate these practices into their daily business. Working as a nurse can be emotionally taxing.

Dealing with illness and death is a struggle for many in the healthcare profession. Gather information on ways in which nurses can effectively cope with these stressors. Discuss how nurses can cope individually as well as what hospitals can do to assist their nurses in dealing with the difficulties associated with the job.

Technology has changed the process of nursing education. Now, pre-service nurses can practice the techniques as they learn them on computers and robotic simulation machines. Research the various forms of nursing education technology, and discuss how each of these technologies can assist students in better learning the skills necessary to become an effective nurse.

Gather statistics that indicate the effectiveness of these technologies and discuss how the use of these technologies increases the quality of patient care. The practice of nursing is continually evolving. Research advancements that are being made within the field of nursing. Look for contemporary articles outlining new techniques and tools that promise to bring innovation to the field.

I like Cinahl, Medline, Cochrane. You will be able to enter your search parameters. As the others stated, make it a topic you are interested in, otherwise you'll put off the research and the actual writing.

Sep 7, '11 by Jenni Occupation: I did my senior research project on therapeutic hypothermia for patients after cardiac arrest. As in, is it an effective treatment option in preventing neurological damage or decrease the mortality?? There was a lot out there on it. Another one i did was patients on ventilators, getting them up and walking to prevent pneumonia.

Lots out there, just find something that interests you, or something you have seen in clinicals. If you like pressure sores and wounds, you could do something like the use of Honey in treatment of sores.

Sep 7, '11 by sunkissed75 Occupation: We had to do one every semester in my program for clinicals. I did one on pressure ulcer prevention once. I actually found a quatitative article on preventative measures.

It was evaluating the effectiveness of the Braden scale. Search for it on medline. Does your school have a subscription to any medical databases like this? Check with the library and they might have a free subscrition for you to use. That's how I did all of my research. I did another EBP paper on alternative pain management and it was an article on the use of pet therapy in pediatric patients. I've seen other papers on pain management in burn patients too I researched workplace work-arounds I know it sounds vague.

However, most of the hospitals in my area utilized barcode scanning systems to administer all of their medications and I was interested in finding out how creative the nurses were in bypassing the "rules" in order to administer the medications.

Did the nurses drag the laptop with cart into each patient's room every single time they afministered a med? I interviewed the hospital's primary nursing informatics specialist who was able to share with me tons of statistics and data. I also found lots of data through Cinahl, Ebsco, etc. That paper was an easy A Sep 8, '11 by nowim clean Joined: Sep 8, '11 by talaxandra Pro Joined: Wow am shocked by what this writer has done.

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One thing am sure though is that I will be using their services for a long time. Research papers for sale Write my paper cheap Statistics Project help. Popular Guides and Topics.

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The article teaches why it is a must to choose a good topic for research paper on nursing, also the main topics on nursing and questions to them.

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In the course of nursing training and part of education curriculum an aspiring nurse must do several research papers. We have come up with unique topics to enable you clinch that A+ in your course work.

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Nursing paper topics are often determined by the instructor. For the most part, there is little leeway to express creativity. Fortunately, even if creativity is not an option, personal interest is. Nursing students can focus on the kind of work that inspires them. How to Get Interesting Research Paper Topics in Nursing. Most students who study nursing are often surprised to find there is a fair amount of research writing involved before certifications and licenses to practice are awarded.

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Sep 08,  · Hi all. I am a student nurse. For my assignment, I have to write an essay based on evidence practice nursing. I am struggling to find a topic. I am thinking about: risk assessment tools to. Hi all. I am a student nurse. If you just want an existing research paper . Choosing research topics in nursing can be a bit difficult. Your research paper topic and report has to be simple yet unique. There is a vast array of nursing research topics that you can choose from.