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❶If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?

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Ecosystem-Operating Models: how to participate, create and capture value in new ecosystems?
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Dropped quotes are partial phrases taken from the middle of a piece of text. Dropped quotes are comprised of only a few words and give no information about the speaker. These must always be introduced within a sentence, and cannot comprise a complete sentence on their own. Use a complete sentence to incorporate a dropped quote. Use a short phrase to incorporate a dropped quote: Understand how to use full sentence quotes.

As the name implies, full sentence quotes are created by quoting complete sentences that take up less than 4 lines. Although these are complete sentences, they cannot be used as stand-alone sentences in your paper.

Introduce them with an additional complete sentence or a signal phrase. Use a complete sentence to introduce a full sentence quote. Use a signal phrase to introduce your full sentence quote. Understand how to use block quotes.

Block quotes are multiple sentences quoted directly from a source which take up more than 4 lines in your paper, or no more than 3 if you are quoting verse. Incorporate a block quote by adding a complete line space between your own content and the quote, and offsetting it by indenting the entire quote to the right a single time. Introduce your block quote with a colon. Block quotes do not use quotation marks. Add the in-text parenthetical citation after the period at the end of the quote, though.

Simply add another line break and begin writing along the left margin with no indent. Understand how to use indirect quotes. Indirect quoting, or paraphrasing, is when you use a sentence from a source but change the wording slightly into your own words. Change the structure of the sentence by moving clauses around. Aim to change at least half of the sentence into a new structure, but also make sure that the grammar is correct and the meaning of the sentence is still clear.

You can use a thesaurus to exchange words with synonyms. Paraphrasing should only be done if you are certain that you understand the content you are copying. Method 1 Quiz What should you do when paraphrasing quotes? Change at least 50 percent of the sentence. Use a thesaurus to replace words with synonyms.

Understand the content you want to paraphrase. Don't look at the quote while paraphrasing. All of the above. Know where to place commas and periods. To use a comma, you might structure the quote with in sentence like this: To use a period, you might structure the quote like this: Know where to place exclamation points and question marks.

If there is an exclamation point or question mark inside the quote you are using, keep it inside the quotation marks. If you are asking a question about a quoted question, use a single question mark inside the quotations. Example of a quotation that comes with a question mark: Example of asking a question about a quotation: Example of a question about a quoted question: When you use the majority of, but not all of a quote, or if you begin in the middle of a quote, it is necessary to insert ellipses.

These show that some of the sentence is not included in your quote. Ellipses can be used in the center of a quote to leave out words that you feel add unnecessary length to the statement without adding value. If you are only use a part of a quote from the center of a selection, it is just a partial or dropped quote. However, keep in mind that ellipses rarely come at the beginning of a quotation. You can include brackets in a quote to give a few words, typically the name of a person or place that the quote is focusing on, to help the reader understand the context.

Use colons and semicolons correctly. If you are using a colon or semicolon after a quote, or there is a colon or semicolon at the end of your selection which you are quoting, place the punctuation mark outside of the quotation marks. Copy the quote exactly. If you are using a direct quote, it is imperative that you copy it word-for-word.

Include all spelling and grammatical mistakes as well, even if you are aware they are incorrect. If your quote has a mistake that you are aware of, put [sic] italicized and in brackets immediately after the mistake. This signifies that you are aware that there is a mistake in the quote, and that it is not a mistake on your part.

Method 2 Quiz When do you use brackets in quotes? When you use the majority, but not all of, a quote. To add important information that is not included in the quote itself. If you use a direct quote. To include an exclamation point or question mark inside the quote you are using. Quote in MLA format. You can include these together in a parenthetical citation, or you can mention one in your writing and the other in a parenthetical citation.

Quote in APA format. They must be included together in the parentheses, or you can mention the name of the author in your writing and put just the year in parentheses afterwards. Quote in Chicago style. The Chicago style of formatting research essays uses footnotes at the bottom of your page rather than in-text parenthetical citations. In this statement, Hurston suggests that African-American storytellers identify strongly with the trickster figure.

It is this identification that helped keep the idea of pride and rebellion alive during the hardships of slavery. Both methods attribute the ideas to the author in the first sentence. This may sound complicated but the idea is simple. Consider the following summary. Using Quotes in a Research Paper. Why Use Sources at All? Direct Quotations What is a direct quote?

Block Quotations What is a block quote? In explaining folkloric representations of the devil, Hurston emphasizes that …he is not the terror that he is in European folklore. Robertson argues that Elizabeth I is an unrecognized military genius.

Although she is often portrayed herself as the queen-mother figure, she was also viewed as the king. This is accentuated by her appearance at the defeat of the Spanish Armada, when she dressed in completely in masculine clothing Here we see that gender roles remain performative rather than biologically determined. Yet the fragility of this regulating system is now threatened by human activity. The importance of the sea to the environment of the earth cannot be underestimated. The first sentence is neither a paraphrase or a quote.

It is the writers own words. The writer is introducing and placing the Cousteau quote into context. A great speech or famous quote might justify using a direct quote over four lines. To do this skip a line, indent five spaces on both sides of the quote, single space and use italics.

Place the citation on the next line to the lower right of the quote. Go to the next line and then continue with your paper. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

What Lincoln was saying was that those that died had died for a cause. They had died to preserve the Union and to keep the United States together 67 - The long quote follows the format prescribed above.

The quote is also followed by a paraphrase from the same author. The citation is the name of the book you found the quote in, not the name of the writer of the quote, if they are different. You must however say who made the quote in prefacing or concluding use of the quote. When the book has no author use a keyword from the title. Usually the first word in the citation. When there are two book by the same author designate one as book one and the other as book two.

Winthrop1 and Winthrop2 Your works cited page is an essential part of the process. The works cited page is the last page of your paper and it tells the reader where he or she may find the sources cited within your paper. It is essential you use the correct form. Remember a few thing when organizing the works cited page:. Gesell, Arnold, and Frances L. An Introduction to the Study of. A journal or magazine whose page numbers continue to the next issue continuous pagination. If there is only one date listed it is assumed it is the date accessed.

The Social Studies Help Center. There are class notes, numerous Supreme Court case summaries and information on how to write a research paper inside. Before we begin, keep the following terms in mind: I highly recommend the following sites: Here is a sample paraphrase: From Ron Bachman, "Reaching for the Sky. Citing a Direct Quote Citing a direct quote uses the same form as citing a paraphrase. Here is a sample direct quote: From "Captain Cousteau," Audubon May Direct Quote Over Four Lines: Abraham Lincoln said in his famous Gettysburg Address: Winthrop 67 What Lincoln was saying was that those that died had died for a cause.

Remember a few thing when organizing the works cited page: The works cited page must be labeled Works Cited Page. The label should be at the top center of the page. The first line of each entry is flush to the margin, all consequent lines within the entry must be indented five spaces. Entries in the works cited page should be single spaced.

Double space in between entries. An Introduction to the Study of Human Growth. Four or More Authors Spiller, Robert, et al.

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Writing a research paper is an important skill you need to learn. In order to do a paper properly you need to keep a few things in mind which will be outlined below. The most important thing is to be complete, be consistent and be thorough. Use direct quotes sparingly, there should only be a few in the paper and they better be good ones.

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Research Database of Quotes. It is sometimes difficult to be inspired when trying to write a persuasive essay, book report or thoughtful research paper. Step 12 Research Paper Quotes and Citations (MLA); The APA style is the method for formatting a paper, including quotations, and citing sources, that has been provided and recognized by the American Psychological Association.

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quotes have been tagged as research: Dan Brown: ‘Google' is not a synonym for 'research'.’, Ernest Cline: ‘You'd be amazed how much research you can. Research Papers quotes - 1. Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought Read more quotes and sayings about Research Papers.