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World War II/The Attack on Pearl Harbor term paper 3414

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❶On the other hand, the Japanese lost 29 aircraft, one large submarine, and five midget undersea craft.

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Research Paper on Pearl Harbor

Discuss the possibilities about it. The Japanese certainly shocked everyone in the world, but did they do the right thing? Discuss the issue in regards to the ethics. Discuss the motives behind the attack on Pearl Harbour in the perspective of the Greater East-Asia co-prosperity sphere. It was fortunate for the Americans but unfortunate for the Japanese, the aircraft carriers were not in Honolulu when the attack began.

Discuss the implications of that. The Japanese won the battle certainly, but they also lost the war because of it. With such an advanced communication technology, how did the U. Talk about how Americans used the event as patriotism and why people joined the army after the attack. The Japanese sank one of the greatest American battleships in this historic event— talk about the ship and sailors on board.

To write a great term paper, you could link Pearl Harbour with other events in the Pacific warfare, such as the Midway Islands. Discuss the reasons why?

Shawn Davis Writes is the expert's leading source of intelligent information for term and research paper writers. The attack on Pearl Harbor came at a great cost to the US but then again this is very debatable. During the two waves of strikes by the Japanese, only lost a total of twenty nine aircraft. This is a very small price to pay for the huge losses the United States Navy occurred, on that day, December 7th, people were recorded as dead, a further were injured, four battle ships were sunk, the Oklahoma, West Virginia, California and the Nevada.

The Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Maryland were damaged but the Maryland was put back into service in February Aircraft lost by the United States were massive as well, with aircraft parked tightly to avoid any sabotage; this made it easier for Japanese bombers. Out of the planes based, were damaged and only some still able to fly. This attack on Pearl Harbor seemed like a success on the day for the Japanese and my view is that it seemed like this from both sides.

The United States suffers a huge loss compared to the minimal loss suffered on the Japanese side. Japan now has put a major dent into the United States Pacific fleet and is able to further their goals down south but my personal view is that the attack created more problems for Japan the solving.

No aircraft carrier was in dock at all, the power of the Pacific fleet is with the might aircraft carriers. It did not sink, damaged or even find any of the aircraft carriers. All of the battle ships that were sunk in Pearl Harbor were raised except the Arizona were repaired and put back into service thus making the United States Navy rely more on their carriers.

From the Japanese point of view, it can only be seen as a success that they were able to sink many battle ships, destroy many aircraft and end the lives of many soldiers at such a small physical price. It is hard to determine whether this attack on this day was one of the biggest mistakes ever made by the Japanese empire, had they sent a third wave to destroy more of the logistics or if the aircraft carriers had been in port it may have changed the outcome of the war.

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The conspiracy of Pearl Harbor 8. Pearl Harbor and Retaliation 9. Duplicity at Pearl Harbor?

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Pearl Harbor Research Paper Pearl Harbor was a naval base located in Hawaii (the homeport of the Pacific Fleet). It was considered by most a wonderful “home away from home” for the men who preserved America’s interests abroad.

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The road to war between the United States of America and Japan began on the surprise aerial attack on the United States Navy base in Pearl Harbor on December.

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Pearl Harbor research papers overview the Japanese attack on the military base in Hawaii. Custom history research papers can writer about any topic regarding the bombin of Pearl Harbor. Free pearl harbor papers, essays, and research papers.

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The movie Pearl Harbor is a depiction of the actual attack from the Japanese on American soil. It appears that the Japanese’s peace talks with the United States was a ploy to set up the most surprising attack that the United States has every experienced. It is clear the attack on Pearl Harbor was. The free World War II research paper (The Attack on Pearl Harbor essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. If you need fresh and competent research / writing on World War II, use the professional writing service offered by our company.