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❶Presumed consent would shift the responsibility from people willing to donate their organs, to people not willing to donate their organs, a tremendous step towards better contribution of organs. The advances in surgical technology and financial affordability of the population to use organ transplantation have led to increases in both demands for the organs and the supply.

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The red cells carry vital oxygen and are used for surgery patients and accident victims. The plasma provides fluid often needed by trauma and burn patients. The platelets help blood to clot and are needed by cancer patients, especially those on chemotherapy. An apheresis donation is another way of donating blood cells but instead only the needed blood components would be taken and the rest would be returned to the donor.

For instance, one apheresis donor could provide the same amount of platelets as eight whole blood donors. This type of donation is often used in blood transfusions. Bone marrow donations provide stem cells for patients having transplants. The stem cells help build a new blood supply for the patient. Those with leukemia and serious blood diseases benefit from this type of donation the most. This is the only type of donation that is not collected unless needed for a specific patient.

Organ and tissue doning is the giving of the kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, corneas, or many other organs to replace damaged or diseased organs and tissues. Cord blood umbilical cord blood is collected immediately after birth. The cord blood contains a high concentration of blood-forming stem cells. Cord blood can be frozen and stored for more than a decade, the longest out of all the types of donation. This is an alternative to bone marrow for patients needing stem cell transplants.

The majority of recipients for this type of donation have been children Life South Community Blood Centers. Organ donation is necessary with the increase of life threatening diseases that are occurring around the world. Organs and tissues can be damaged in numerous ways like injury, disease, or even abnormal birth defects. When organs such as the heart, liver, lungs, or kidneys become damaged sometimes replacing the organ can be the only way for a person to stay alive or live a normal life.

Every day, 17 people die while waiting for a transplant of a vital organ. Because of the lack of available donors in this country, 3, kidney patients, 1, liver patients, heart patients and lung patients died in while waiting for life-saving organ transplants Donate Life. You can register your choice not to be a donor. Be sure to inform your enjoyed ones your organ donation choice, so they can make sure it is appreciated. You can alter your organ donation choice at any time.

Australia is a world leader for effective transplant results. We still have one of the most affordable donation rates in the industrialized world. If something happens to us, none of us likes to believe about exactly what will take place to our organs. If it comes to that, you'll understand that your choice might make an extraordinary change to our society.

Contribute Organs Save Lives is an independent online platform to advance the reason for cadaver organ donation in India through informing the general public about the value of organ donation. We intend to assist construct a nationally collaborated technique to collect and spread out info about organ and tissue donation for transplant in countries like Pakistan.

The Alliance Board of Directors is consisted of professional leaders from a number of crucial companies from throughout the organ health care, transplant and donation neighborhood. Mandate Choice would ensure the wishes of the deceased and not that of the family. Many times, out of grief and denial, the family denies the organs to be donated to waiting patients in need of organs.

By declaring your position on organ donning with your organs, it would ensure your wishes to be respected and carried out, whether that might be donning or not donating. This is most conservative proposal so far towards increasing the donation of organs, but it could have tremendous and truly wonderful affect if put into effect. Another proposal to increase the number or organ donations is accepting declared brain-dead patients as satisfactory donors, regardless if their heart's are still beating through medical technology.

To decrease the gap between donations available and people in need of transplants, Rapaport supports "the retrieval of organs from non heart-beating, brain-dead cadaver donors, which differs from the usual recovery of organs from heart-beating, brain-dead cadaver donors on life support systems" par 3. Usually when possible, if a person is pronounced brain-dead they are still kept on a life support system until the family is contacted and able to come give their goodbyes.

However, because their heart is still beating, it is often assumed they are still alive which is true, but only because of technical material, not because of the victim's body. The proposal of using brain-dead victims "is not widely accepted by the transplant community, however, and evokes many ethical concerns involving the rights of deceased individuals and their families.

The invasive procedure, though it does not disfigure the body, is solely for the gain of others and does not benefit the deceased" states Dr. On one hand, it is understandable where the transplant community is coming from; death should be respected and not used in business propositions or benefits. However, life is a cycle of both joy and sorrow, and when a tragedy does occur, it is irreversible- a difficult concept to accept for the family of the victim.

Where there is death of a loved one, life for another can be given. Two heart beats are kept alive through technology: Rapaport ends his article by challenging readers to confront their thoughts on whether or not, if they were the victim of an accident, pronounced brain-dead once at the hospital, and kept alive only by technology, what they would do. Rapaport closes with "Individuals must confront their mortality, an uncomfortable prospect for most; they must explore their attitudes toward death, their own bodies, and their sense of self" par.

The last proposal for organ donation is offering incentives in recognition for organ donation. In her essay essay "Incentives For Organ Donation? Currently, the only incentive for organ donning is unselfishness and self-sacrifice. Stimulus may heighten the number or organ donors available, despite the selfish approach it takes. The various methods Hogan introduced should a person become an organ donor are given preferred status if they themselves ever need an organ.

Funeral services provided free for families who donate organs of the deceased. A low-cost life-insurance policy might even be made available to people which is payable only if organs are donated at the time of death This proposal sends red flags flying, mainly because of corruption and deceit that lies with in this world, and if acted upon there could be possible frauds and tragic results.

Some people are desperate for money and not above selling a family member or loved ones organs in return for money or other types of incentives.

Also, there is some strong opposition to this proposal because of its overall effect it might have on the public in general and their willingness to become organ donors.

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Dec 12,  · Research Paper on Organ Donation Organ Donation Research Paper. Max O'Connor was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis at age 7 and a half. For the next two years hopes and prayers went out for a new lung to save the young child's life. By declaring your position on organ donning with your organs, it would ensure your wishes to be. Research Paper Help To Make An Outline For The Topic: Organ Donors I was writing a research paper on organ donors/transplant.