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How I Manage My Life Without Paper

Could we live without paper?

❶To me, going paperless does not mean getting rid of every piece of paper in your life or business. Add to this the many US college students who live on campuses, a large number of whom have no car of their own.


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Some people would argue that if we didn't have television, we'd all be slimmer and healthier. If we didn't have television, we would have lost a major means of advertising to the American public, and that might really do nasty things to our economy.

If we didn't have television, school children would see about 10, fewer violent acts per year. If we didn't have television, our landfills wouldn't be full of old, useless sets.

The best way to find out what life would be like without the television is to turn yours off. How would life be without mirrors? Women would have an invention with water as a mirror to look at themselves and to their hair and makeup. How life was would be without an iPod? People rely too much on electronic stuff, it is pathetic. Do you know that everyone got worked up and thought the world was going to end if the computer systems crashed, I mean really.

Think about the 's What would life be without trees? Actually, trees are not required. They are a relatively late evolutionary development, say a million years ago. The dinosaurs did just fine without them. On the other hand, the carrying capacity of the planet would be less without them. What would life be without television? You do not have to be influenced deleteriously by the television at all. Crime was as common in as it is in , albeit with some differences in offences.

Not to have a telly at all! Licence fee, which is the BBC subscription - and that's before you start adding extra subscription services like Sky. What would life be without enzymes? Life is basically little soap bubbles with water and enzymes floating around inside. There is no life, as we know it, without enzymes. Enzymes impact every aspect of life like, energy production, reproduction, and everything else.

What would Life be without numbers? Life would be terrible almost everythingneeds math and math is numbers. There would be no money nortechnology everything would be so difficult. What would life be without law? Chaotic, ruthless and dangerous.

Society would break down. People all say at one time or another that they would favor having no laws but don't believe it. Think, and I mean really think about all the laws we have.

Now, think about all those times the Cops get called No common sense, no curbing ridiculous actions Yeah, I didn't think so.

Think about what you do every day from start to finish and you will see how much LAW affects your life. Without written laws there is natural law. In the absence of man-made laws, individual men make the law; anarchy ensues.

Eventually, people eliminate those things that annoy them the most, and only one remains. In the event of anarchy, I will be the last to remain. What would life be without the telephone? There would be many casualties like people would not be able to reach the phone in time when they're in accidents, child labor, robberies, fires, emergencies, and other things that phones are needed for.

There would also be slower informed nations for world causes. What would life be without government? What life would be like without government would depend on the types of institutional structures we select to organise ourselves with. In the world, there not only exist many regions without cohesive, strong government, but, in all places, there exist structures that we govern ourselves with that are not part of the government at all e. Even with government removed, how we develop and interact with each other will depend on the types of norms and structures we maintain our relations on.

For example, a state of not having a government is called anarchy but there are many varying conceptions of it. In one version, socialist anarchy , there is no government but the means of production economic relations belong to society. By contrast, in anarcho-capitalism , there is no government but all means of production and rights are given to individuals. These are just two possibilities out of a series of many different avenues, and each different avenue leads to a different world.

What would life be without an refrigerators? We wouldn't have very many healthy foods, and we wouldn't be able to eat parishable food like dairy.

What would life be without forests? Life without forests is not possible. This is because these treeskeep oxygen circulating in the air for animals to breathe. How would life be without holidays? I don't know the scientific explanation for it, but life would be pretty grim I expect!

How would life be without decimals? What would life be without water? The oceans will be empty and the aquatic animals will die. The plants will not survive without water neither we. We would all die. We need the water to drink, and if the plants die, we will have nothing to eat and nothing will be alive. The earth will look like the father of Sahara desert. The whole earth will be deserted. Without tree there will be almost no oxygen. What would life be without heat? Heat is another requirement of life, Without Heat, us being Warm blooded animals would die due to Hypothermia!

Light and heat are interconnected absence of Heat indirectly means absence of light too, so even if you survive escaping hypothermia unlikely you would die due to starvation as the chief producers Plants die as they cannot survive without light! Even cold blooded animals die of starvation. Only few types of bacteria might be able to survive! How would earth be without life? It is argued that, had the primitive plants not evolved on earth 3 billion years ago, the carbon dioxide buildup would have been too much for Earth to handle.

The greenhouse effect occurring today would have escalated, turning earth into a dried up, scorched desert. So, to answer the question, Earth would likely be a lifeless, hot very desert.

What would life be without rain? Farmers wouldn't have crops so we wouldn't have fruits and veggies! The plants wouldn't grow so that means the trees wouldn't and we would all die! Would there be life without producers? No, there would not be life without producers. Animals cannot just live on meat, and to thrive need the nutrition that the vegetables and the fruits give. Trees for instance are producers. They make their own food and give off the most important thing that is needed in life.

Without trees there would be nothing on the Earth. What would life be without art? Life without art would be boring and dull if we didn't get the arts from Ancient Romans. How would life be without writing? People would not be able to communicate over long distances no letters We would not no much of history no records we would not know what time it was no symbols We would not know information about things unless somebody actually said them too us like you wouldn't be reading this there would be no books, no poetry, no movies can't write script we wouldn't have instructions to put things together, everything would be passed on by word of mouth and communicating would be difficult not texting or email or numbers on phone A form of writing is vital to a society, without it a society cannot survive.

There would be no comics! How would life be without moving? Life would be very different from what people experience if movement was removed. Look at a tree, a stalk of corn or a blade of grass and think about that life style. What would life be without oxygen? If the atmosphere lost all of its oxygen, it is true that human life, and the lives of most organisms, would cease to exist as oxygen is necessary for most life. However, all life would not be eliminated. There are organims in the domain Archaea that do not use or need oxygen to survive.

These organisms are found in the deep sea by thermal vents and in other extreme habitats. They sythesize food through chemosythesis. Now, for the information on what the absence of oxygen would mean for the atmosphere and the oceans, I don't know. I need help on that front. How would life be without industrialization? It depends on how you look at Industrialization.

For instances such as in America, Britain, France and other countries it brought a wide increase of money because it made jobs a lot faster and easier, for example: But when the Cotton Gin machine that quickly and easily separates the cotton fibers from the seeds, a job previously done by hand. These seeds are either used again to grow more cotton or, if badly damaged, are disposed of.

It uses a combination of a wire screen and small wire hooks to pull the cotton through the screen, while brushes continuously remove the loose cotton lint to prevent jams. Also if it wasn't for the industrial revolution they wouldn't have made or designed the steam boat which made traveling a lot easier then doing it by hand. But from my point of view if it wasn't for the Industrialization era we'd still be doing Agricultural ideals and "we'd still be rowing ourselves up a river so to speak".

What would life be without a car? It is also about helping the environment. We need our trees. And the trees need us to help them. Another way to help is to use the backs of more paper and then put it in the recycling. I learned that you can save 9 gallons of water each day if you turn the water while brushing your teeth.

Also, a five-minute shower is better than a bath. Another way to save trees and our earth is used reusable bags for groceries. Everything comes from natural resources. Paper comes from trees. Trees take time to grow. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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From the moment you wake up in the morning, paper is a part of your life. But what if one morning paper didn’t exist? Interested in helping the environment? I read about this project that the 4/5 classroom created. The main idea is to conserve energy and help the environment. So, without using.

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The digital lifestyle is upon us and some people are determined to live a life without paper replacing paper with iPads and tablets.

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By Alexander Burbello. Since paper was first invented by the Egyptians, call ed papyrus, and later reinvented as the paper we use today by the Chinese, we have been consuming more and more paper every day.. Do you know how many trees are required to produce paper? It’s hard to believe, but twelve trees are needed to produce one ton of paper, and that doesn’t include the many necessary. Is it possible to go totally paperless? Probably not, but here is how I do as much as I possibly can to live a paperless life and create a paperless office.

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Mar 02,  · HOUSTON — THE birth certificates for my children, born here eight and four years ago. The receipts that prove I paid property taxes on the trailer home where we used to live. My children’s. Could we live without paper? Summary. Education is also a major testing ground for life without paper. What if students could take their exams on computers? Test We, a French start-up, offers software students can install on their own computer to take their exams. To prevent cheating, the software makes it impossible to exit full-screen.