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Cheating Essay

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❶It also leads to the development of a dependent attitude. It says many of these websites are offshore and even if they were closed down they can easily re-emerge.

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These are the springs of cheating. To cheat means to get something by using dishonest means. It includes the use of illegal and unacceptable or easy ways to achieve something. Regular study and hard work throughout the year will definitely lead to success in the examination. A student who neglects his studies is prompted to cheat in the examination when he wants to get through at any cost. Getting through the examination is the short term goal, which becomes most important at that stage.

The budding youth forgets his higher aim, that he is preparing himself for a profession which will enable him to earn money, which in turn will make him happy. For children and adolescents, the line between right and wrong is hazy. Success in the examination appears to be the right thing; the dishonest way to achieve it becomes misty and unclear.

A pinch of guilt may stick in the throat but it easily gets swallowed with the success. If this continues, the youths learn to digest the sense of guilt and the tendency to cheat is nurtured and developed. Educational institutions give marks and grades and undue importance is attached to grades. Children often cheat in examinations to keep their parents and teachers happy.

The ethical and right way is to perspire and to maintain perseverance in the competitive race. The other way is by adopting a short cut and following the immoral ways to reach a conclusive stage. The later one seems to be fruitful in short term gains.

But the long terms effects of such cheating methods are extremely disastrous. All of us feel the temptation to cheat at some point in life.

And sometimes we even do. But then overcoming this temptation is the main idea and the lesson to learn. However, in some individuals the process seems amicable and the threshold for moral ways keeps falling down with every act of cheating. This leads to serious vicious cycle which ends nowhere. Once fell in the trap of unethical performance, individuals find it extremely hard to break the cycle.

There are different levels and types of cheating. It may range from small school going children to adults in performance years of their lives. Similarly, the domains of cheating are also diverse, viz.

Cheating can and does occur in all spheres of life. The problem with this number, which the QAA acknowledges, is that it includes all forms of cheating - not just contract cheating. But even if we did know how many students were caught contract cheating, we still wouldn't know how many cases went undetected.

For that we have to rely on survey data, where students are asked if they have ever cheated by submitting an essay written by someone else. The most recent UK study was carried out in and found that Prof Phil Newton, from Swansea University, is an expert on contract cheating. He says that with surveys of this nature, there's always a likelihood that respondents may not give accurate answers - especially if they are owning up to deviant behaviour.

In fact many websites contain disclaimers that say students shouldn't pass off the essays as their own and that they should only be used as study aids. The ASA said the website gave the misleading impression that "consumers would be able to submit purchased essays as their own without repercussion". It says many of these websites are offshore and even if they were closed down they can easily re-emerge.

Contract cheating can be very difficult to spot. As the essays are bespoke they're unlikely to be picked up by software which some universities use to detect plagiarism. Last October, guidance was issued to institutions on how to deal with contract cheating. There are many reasons - it could be as simple as laziness or a lack of confidence in writing ability. In April, Prof Newton, along with colleagues, published a study into contract cheating in Australia.

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Process Essay - How to Reduce Plagiarism and Cheating - Process Essay - How to Reduce Plagiarism and Cheating Recent studies have shown that a steadily growing number of students cheat or plagiarize in college -- and the data from high schools suggest that this number will continue to rise.

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Similarly, the domains of cheating are also diverse, viz. academic cheating, cheating in sports and gambling, marital infidelity etc. Cheating can and does occur in all spheres of life. But here we would mainly consider the first option, the academic cheating.

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Cheating, when observed by an adult, greatly influence a college's perception of the cheater. For example, A College Board's decision on a cheater's application will be significantly swayed if the cheating incident is placed on a student's record.3/5(5). Cheating to Success Essay Words | 6 Pages. students admit to cheating from copying homework, to plagiarizing a paper” (Tillman). That’s nearly every student that admits to cheating however, there will always be .

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Passing off a custom-made essay as your own is a form of plagiarism known as contract cheating. It involves a student ordering an essay, usually through a website, for a fee. But it could also be friends or family members writing an essay on a student's behalf. Academic cheating is caused by many reasons; parental pressure, poor time management, and failure to study assigned work are just a few reasons that can cause a student to cheat. Parental pressure will generate .