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A bit like the circle I talked about earlier. Green Building in India t goes without saying that the version to architecture at I TN described above is seldom practiced in India, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

The latest rake-driven surge in green building has had some success at bridging the gap between current building practices and true sustainability. India is now the second largest market for green buildings.

This trend is completely market driven and has been achieved with very little government support. While this sounds fantastic, there is an urgent need in India to extend the technological understanding of sustainable architecture and to incorporate socio- cultural aspects in its production. The need emerges from the fact that Indian architects have failed to recognize the significance of the social dimension in acclimating the sustainable development. On one end, sophisticated technology-based solutions have been developed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, but they require a high initial investment that very few can afford.

On the other end, affordable, low-cost technologies, such as mud architecture, are already available; however, these do not fit in with the aspirations of the upwardly mobile urban population. Affordable technology-based solutions are thus seen as the only means f addressing environmental degradation.

India and Energy Efficiency In India, environmental agendas and green buildings are often based on the precedents of developed countries.

The draft for the National Environmental Policy of India received heavy criticism for this reason. The issue of energy efficiency is more relevant for developed countries where one- third of the total energy is utilized for heating or cooling of buildings. When energy efficiency is used as the main criterion for green buildings in India, several critical issues tend to be ignored. For example, the issues of water and sanitation are more critical than energy efficiency in India.

Studies indicate that at current rates of population growth and consumption of water per capita, there will be a shortage of drinking water in Indian urban centers within the next decade.

That being said, the western model of sustainability works very well and has measurable benefits. However, economically speaking, I am not entirely convinced, it is the best solution for India. Instead, I believe that we need home grown solutions that propagate self-sufficiency and contemporary regionalism while maintaining centralized approach to sustainability. My personal view is that the debate on sustainable architecture cannot be restricted to quantitative environmental sustainability.

There is little sense in spending millions on the best technology to create the greenest to green buildings very few Indians can associate with them and even fewer can afford.

If specific technical issues prevent use of the building for a new function, then the materials used in its construction are designed to facilitate ease of recycling and reprocessing of materials. Buildings consume a variety of materials in their construction. Green design reduces the dependence on resource intensive products and materials.

Today, there are an increasing number of products available made from efficient, earth-friendly, or recycled materials. In a green building, consideration is also given to the construction process itself. Materials that minimize waste or can be recycled, help contribute to an efficient and environmentally sensitive construction process. Another important aspect of green architecture is the integration of energy efficient mechanical systems and conservation methods.

Green buildings are designed to reduce or eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, green designs further help to minimize waste through the use of gray water recycling and other sustainable energy strategies. Grey water is conserved or saved to be recycled to water gardens. Land use and building orientation also plays a critical role in green architecture. A green building is located to take advantage of its climate and surroundings.

These conditions not only affect the efficiency of a building, but of the community and society as a whole. Planning for responsible land use addresses these issues through the consideration of climate, transportation, and the natural environment.

An amazing amount of waste is generated by the construction of a typical building. Green buildings are designed to eliminate waste by using modular systems of construction, recycled products, and efficient use of materials.

The future of arth can only be looked after by those who inhabit it, and therefore sustainability has become the most important idea today in the field of science and design. Like with many building standards, each country has its own method of measurement and evaluation to the level of sustainability achieved, and because of globalization, there have been several different international standards competing for international recognition and control over the green design process.

Influences of Gaudi's Works. Antonio Gaudi was a remarkable architect whose true value only came forward a while after he created the buildings. He has also been known as the Spanish Catalan and the symbol for Catalian Modernism.

Just as the people of the city were attempting to make their own mark in science and art, Gaudi's exceptional and unique style came. His work and the buildings he made were criticized by most of the people at first, yet their unique production and architecture added the true beauty of Barcelona.

It has also been stated that the works of Gaudi are actually inseparable from Barcelona city. The buildings added to the beauty…… [Read More].

Florence Babtisitry North Doors. Among his most celebrated surviving work are the bronze doors which he created for the aptistery of the Cathedral in Florence. This paper will discuss the circumstances in which Ghiberti secured and completed the commission to design the north doors of the aptistery and analyse their composition and character. Ghiberti's work in Florence will then be compared to that of Gianlorenzo ernini at the baroque church of Sant' Andrea al Quirinale, Rome In late the officials of the Cloth-Dealers and Refiners' Guild of Florence the Arte di Calimara announced a competition to design a set of doors for the aptistery of the Cathedral.

The aptistery is a very old structure, the primary elements of which probably date to the seventh and eight centuries AD. The exterior covering…… [Read More]. Florence Train Station in Italy.

Florence train station and its qualities. The Florence train station might be expected to be designed in the classic or even art deco style, but instead, it is a classic and well-known example of Italian modernism. Architects Giovanni Michelucci and Italo Gamberini were two of the members of this group. Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini approved of the final design of the station after a controversial competition, and many architects believe the Tuscan Group modeled their design after Viennese modern architecture and America's Frank Lloyd Wright, known for his modern and novel architecture.

The Tuscan Group only designed the front of the building, the platforms, waiting areas, and such were designed by an Italian Ministry of Communications…… [Read More]. Querini Stampalia Foundation at First. The interior architecture of the Querini Stampalia Foundation also provides a connection to the more historical details of Venetian and Italian architecture while at the same time not tying itself to the restrictions of an historic reproduction.

Something as simple as a staircase has become, under Scarpa's careful design and guidance, something of strange geometric beauty that almost crosses the line into sculpture. The odd split in the stones that make up the stairs, and the spaces left in the faces of the stairs, look almost Moorish in their design. They could also be seen to draw from far more ancient sources, like the Romans who occupied Italy long before the Moors were ever heard of in Spain.

The regular geometry of the stairs makes them appear both very strong and also simple and easy to build, which would definitely have been favored qualities of older civilizations working with other…… [Read More]. Art Living the Good Life. Colin owe and Fred Koetter argued in Collage City that the designer should intervene in the existing city by adding to and adjusting what is already there, a process more like collage than any other art form. Nowhere else do so many different people and purposes come together as in the city.

No other place cries out so much for art, and is itself, an inspiration to create art. The realization that cities are living entities has initiated a renewed interest in the preservation and development of their respective parts. So much of Modernist Theory favored the abandonment of the past.

It was as if we were all residents of some totally new age that bore virtually no relation to any past era. Were we born long ago and teleported to our present…… [Read More]. Design fo Social Change The Awakening Consciousness of Designes 's Manifesto Thee has been lukewam inteest in public sevice design, social impact and design activism.

But in most convesations, all othe designs wok to enhance the standad of living of the people; some of it must be activism. The agument is seldom boosted by the notion that achitectue has been impacted by intellectual movements and ats fo instance, modenism which fuels an idea of a evolutionay society. These movements had ideal poposals fo society's efoms.

They wee elated deeply to commece and aesthetics as well Jose et al. Conside the diffeence between modenism and activism fo that matte. The modenism idea states that people stand equals to each othe, while society became united in evey aspect fo instance uniting laboes,…… [Read More]. Central Park New York and Mohawk Park Tulsa, Oklahoma Municipal parks have a long history, and the importance of these invaluable green and open spaces to the people who live around them cannot be overstated.

Perhaps the best-known pubic park in the United States is New York City's Central Park that provides the city's citizenry with an enormous green space in the middle of a concrete jungle.

Although lesser known, Tulsa, Oklahoma's Mohawk Park is the third-largest municipal park in the country and provides a wide range of resources for the citizens of Tulsa and its surrounding communities.

This paper provides a review of the relevant literature to identify the designs of these two municipal parks and their use of space for their patrons. A summary of the research and important findings concerning New York's Central Park and Tulsa's Mohawk Park are presented in the conclusion. New Construction Methods Materials and. A second major facto in the growing trend for a new greener industry is that these measures also represent a more efficient operation from a financial perspective as well.

For instance, recycling aluminum cans on the job is an example of a sustainable practice that contributes in a positive way to the bottom line Shepherd, Companies must take measures to reduce costs in as many areas as possible.

Changes within the construction industry will have an impact on those involved in the industry of the future. These new innovations represent changes in attitude toward the job site, project flow and project…… [Read More].

His father was a stonemason, and the young Mies underwent training under him, after which, at the age of nineteen, he moved on to erlin. At the age of twenty, Mies van der Rohe was good enough to receive his own first independent commission to build a house for the famous philosopher, Alois Riehl. Even the fast food chains would aim for the same kind of architecture everywhere.

However Prada goes against this philosophy of similar look and design and hence aims for architecture as different from its last store as possible. This is Prada's way of attracting attention and hence should be seen in a different context than what Muccia Prada apparently meant.

Let us thus explain this further. For example for McDonalds around the world, the main identifying features are the yellow arches that are immediately recognizable all over the world.

The same goes for the Polo horse logo or the…… [Read More]. The property is composed of 11 contiguous lots containing various structures. The site is located in such a way as to become a transit-oriented site due to its proximity to JFK Airport. Jamaica is the first stop on the way to all other Boroughs of New York City. The site is zoned for high density, mixed use development and will be the target of many infrastructure investments to be completed by the year It must…… [Read More].

Hearst Tower on 57th and. It was the first building in New York to earn this designation. Other features of the Hearst Building that earned it Gold is the atrium floor, which is designed so that hot or cold water passes through polyethylene tubes for efficient heating and cooling. Other atrium features allow for natural and efficient heating and cooling.

It is the Tower's use of rainwater that distinguishes it from other office high rises in Manhattan. A tank in the basement can…… [Read More]. Notre Dame Cathedral Paris the.

It's easy to see that the building took a long time to complete, but it is very beautiful. A lot of different architects worked on it, too, so there are different styles on some of the towers, depending on the height that you look at. The Notre Dame Cathedral is supposed to be one of the best examples of gothic architecture. The most famous feature is the flying buttresses, but there are others Tonazzi, One thing that makes the Cathedral so famous from the standpoint of architecture is the fact that there are different architectural styles from different architects.

Sometimes people see this when something has taken a very long time to build, especially for buildings that were built a long time ago when building methods were a lot different. There is a…… [Read More]. Sustainable Energy for Low Carbon House in Grand Parade righton The focus of this study is the energy profile of a house identical to the house constructed in Grand Parade righton which is an energy efficient house constructed from waste materials.

The climate will be considered as well as the standards and best practices in the construction industry. Climate righton is reported to have an Oceanic climate much as does the majority of southern ritain with the summer months affected by sea breezes lowering the temperature by five degrees as compared to inland.

Snow is common in the winter in righton. The following table shows the monthly average high temperature in righton throughout the year. Sustainable Building Design According to. Companies that do not choose to consider these options in their building design are losing out on some significant payouts from the government.

They can also gain considerable tax incentives as well. However, there are still many companies in existence that refuse to jump on the wagon and realize the benefits of green design. This type of thinking demonstrates an antiquated philosophy regarding design work. Conclusions In recognition that the world must change its attitude and act in a way that will help to conserve our vital resources, the General Service Administration GSA has mandated that sustainable building techniques be used.

According to these standards, the sustainable building will seek to Sustainable design principles include the ability to: These government standards are a response to…… [Read More].

Energy Consumption for Coed Darcy Site. Coed Darcy The urban village is being constructed on brownfield land that was formerly being used by an oil refinery that was called the Llandarcy Oil efinery that was owned by BP. This oil refinery was constructed between the years and and it has been labeled as the first crude oil refinery in the country. Since there were some economic changes, the site was closed in the year Brownfield renewal in Wales and South West egion, Planned Outputs of the Urban Village According to the plan that has been prepared for Coed Darcy, the community will comprise of 4, homes along with employment space, community facilities as well as open space that covered an area of 1, acres.

The estimate of the development of this community is about 1. Moreover, four new schools have also been planned for this community. These schools include 2…… [Read More]. Strawbale Construction Methods in the. Set in woodland Strawbale residential complex, Powys, Wales 1.

Built in by Kevin and Helen Ireland. No cement or concrete used in building. Built with permission of Dartmoor National Park Authority; also serves as location for strawbale building seminars Strawbale building, Monkton Wyld Court Charmouth, Bridport Dorset DT6 6DQ Load-bearing strawbale walls on a raised wooden deck on telegraph pole "stilts," approximately square meters, lime-plastered exterior, mud plastered interior, tin roof, underfloor straw insulation, stained glass window, built in during a workshop Strawbale house Cork acecourse, Mallow Co.

Cork, Ireland Load-bearing strawbale walls, lime-plastered exterior, thatched roof, built during a workshop as part of the…… [Read More].

Concrete Why These 3 Pieces. These materials are highly durable. They reduce the necessity of generating more materials and reduce environmental waste.

These materials reduce risks to a building's users by minimizing occupant exposure to exterior environmental hazards like noise and wind and interior hazards like dust. Their structural elements lend themselves to 'green' construction.

These materials are more resistant to fire and the elements, and minimize the costs to a building's owners in terms of maintaining the structure in terms and daily energy usage "Four core initiatives," PCI, orks Cited Active steel repassivator for corroded steel in chloride contaminated reinforced concrete.

Retrieved 21 Dec at http: Fire Prevention Code for the. The codes also serve as a model, in themselves, of an integrated, comprehensive regulatory framework for public safety in buildings.

Dallas Morning News, July 27, Code violations shut down homeless shelter. BIM Strategy Developing BIM Implementation Strategy for Libyan Construction Sector Construction, on any project, is a piecemeal affair that often provides so much confusion of parts that it is difficult to ensure that there is not some important element either lost or forgotten. Charles Thomsen, a leading builder, looks inside a construction trailer and sees "a plan rack with separate drawings for architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and civil…special sets of drawings for landscaping, lighting, security networks, way-finding graphics…shop drawings are in racks, buckets or drawers.

Book shelves hold loose-leaf notebooks full of FIs" A need existed for this to all be organized into one package that allowed construction to run more seamlessly than it had in the past. With the amount of material needed for the construction of even a simple structure, organization of the planning material is essential. Technology provided the means for securing this organization through a…… [Read More].

Accidents and Death in Construction Trades. Summary and Conclusion There is no way to protect construction workers from every accident that could possibly befall them. The nature of the work is such that complete safety is not guaranteed or even realistically possible. However, that does not mean that the number of fall accidents that occur cannot be reduced. Quite often, it is not a true accident but actual carelessness that is the cause of injuries and deaths on construction sites.

Many construction workers forego safety harnesses, for example, because they can be cumbersome and inconvenient. They can make the work take longer, and make it more difficult for the worker to move around. That is especially true in cases where required work means the construction worker will have to unhook and re-hook his harness frequently.

This aggravation is a small price to pay for saving lives, but the value of a harness is only seen if…… [Read More].

Controlled at different stages by the Romans, Anglo Saxons, Danish and, of course, Great Britain, Leicester shows the combined contributions, primarily of the Romans, Anglo Saxons and British in its development. Realizing the importance of these contributions, the University of Leicester has undertaken various archaeological projects to continually learn about the city's Medieval development and the Leicester City Council has undertaken a considerable preservation project, particularly of the marketplace area.

Both the University and the City Council intend to uncover and preserve Leicester's rich history. However, it did not become an organized settlement until it…… [Read More]. East Culture History Beijing Previously. One of those buildings was the International Foreign Trade Center -- Shenzhen's first skyscraper and the tallest building in China Hong Kong is commonly referred to as a place where "East meets West" because of its hybrid nature.

That is, there is a culture mix occurring that is part traditional Chinese as well part ritish due to its colonization by the ritish. Hong Kong is quite a modern place, yet there is an infusion of traditional Chinese practices that makes the place unlike any other in the world.

One example of how East may meet West in Hong Kong is how the art of feng shui may be utilized in constructing a modern piece of architecture. The old Chinese traditions are used to support newer ways of thinking and living. The architecture in Hong Kong is contemporary and reflects a more Western style as opposed to a Chinese traditional…… [Read More].

Evidence of this can be seen with the company being slow to provide information, on the total amounts of oil that are leaking into the ocean and the various restrictions that they have placed on media coverage. Lack of Transparency Afflicts Oil Spill Response This problematic, because when there are restrictions and the company is slow to release information, it appears as if they have something to hide.

At which point, the public will become furious with the company, from their perceived unwillingness to cooperate. This could have negative political fallout, as various Congressional Committees and regulators will demand all documents relating to the spill.

Once this take place, it sets the stage for an ugly showdown with Congress and the White House. Where, they could seek to force the company to disclose more documents and engage in criminal investigations, as these actions give the appearance that executives are…… [Read More]. German Influences on Texas Culture If one has lived in Texas for any length of time, they will realize immediately that the Texas culture is influenced by German culture in a number of ways.

Modern day Texas culture would not exist as it does today if it were not for German influence. Today Texas culture can be described as a blending of German and Texas traditions. Though German culture is not the only culture that has impacted the Texas of today, it is often considered one of the most significant influences historically. Whether one examines the architectural landscape of the towns and cities, examines the art and music or simply talks with many of the German descendants living in Texas, one must immediately acknowledge the significant influence the German people have had on the development of Texas as known today.

In early Texas history German influence was widespread, often comprising…… [Read More]. Artificial Intelligence hat is AI? Their system requires a fast IBM desktop computer. Other systems may require even more horsepower by using exotic computers or workstations. The software used is even more exotic. Considering there are very few applications that are pre-written using AI, each company has to write it's own software to determine the solution to their specific problem.

An easier way around this obstacle is to design an add-on. The company Fuziare has developed several applications which act as additions to larger applications. Communication Upgrade Plan Communications Upgrade Plan The Abco Company wishes to upgrade its telecommunications technology to a system that is more efficient than the outdated Centrex system now in place.

As part of the upgrade plan, the CEO has asked for an explanation of the various systems and technologies available for the upgrade. This research explores various technologies and recommends the proper solution for the business problem at hand. Communications Upgrade Plan The Centrex phone system has been the standard in business telecommunications since the s. The system has been the only system of this type for many years. However, aside from being outdated technology, the Centrex System is no longer the most cost effective solution for businesses.

The Abco Corporation has had its Centrex system for as long as anyone can remember. Until recently, no one had…… [Read More]. In , the American Congress passed the Wilderness Act, thereby protecting over million acres of public land from development. Wilderness was "recognized as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.

The landscape has to remain untouched. As I was reading the above mentioned fragments from the Wilderness Act, a question popped up: Risk and Hazard Factors of. Even though users of light therapy are often advised not to look directly at the light source, the mechanisms of the eye focus incoming light onto the macula, the small region of the retina where vision takes place, and where age-related macular degeneration occurs.

Since blue light wavelength make up only a small percentage of the light in white light, any form of light therapy using a high proportion of blue light therefore risks subverting a variety of defensive mechanisms that protect the retina against blue light hazard. These defensive mechanisms include the anatomical positioning and structure of eye and its surrounding features, as well as human posture, which makes it awkward for humans to gaze upwards for long periods of time.

Sunnex iotechnologies, The work of David H. Moche Paleoindians the First Human.

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Free Essay: Green Architecture is a method to reduce the impact on our environment by using natural resources like energy, water, and the materials that are. Green Architecture Green architecture is an approach to building which has become more popular in the last 25 to 30 years. Also known as sustainable design, green architecture is a method of design that minimizes the .

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